I signed up for the beginners' course on an impulse, knowing just about enough Spanish to order a beer! After the 6-week course I find myself able to recognise and understand spoken words and I am gaining confidence in speaking simple phrases. Yaiza is an excellent and patient teacher who has filled me with enthusiasm for the language and I would throughly recommend this course to anyone wanting to make a start in Spanish.  I have had no hesitation in immediately signing up for Yaiza's improvers' course.

Robert Robinson, 66. Hornsey

Brilliant course - Yaiza is a very engaging, fun teacher. I learn a lot from her and I'm looking forward to the Improvers course."

Sally Lee

I love the course even if it has been a challenge after work!

Isabella Possenti

I've been taking 1-2-1 classes with Yaiza for almost 2 years now but also participated in a group conversation classes. Thanks to her methods I feel like I've improved a lot and feel more comfortable speaking Spanish with my Spanish friends. What is really important for me being an advanced student is that even though I might be saying correct sentences, Yaiza can always help me with getting a more 'real' Spanish way of saying the same thing providing adequate examples. In addition, what I really appreciate is that Yaiza never stops improving her teaching's skills and is very passionate about her job.

Kinga Otffinowska, 30. Alexandra Palace

I have taken regular Spanish lessons with Yaiza for a year. Her relaxed and encouraging manner ensures all students participate. As she speaks several languages, she can frequently use this knowledge to pinpoint a difficulty with grammar, pronunciation or a misunderstanding of vocabulary. She chooses interesting and relevant topics through which we are introduced to new vocabulary and/or which gives us opportunities to apply our knowledge of grammar. In Yaiza’s class no one feels embarrassed to speak as we all have a good time.

Manuela Beste, 65. Muswell Hill

I benefitted from Yaiza’s careful listening and sympathetic correction of my very hesitant speaking of the language. Her empathetic encouragement during conversation classes lead us to discuss a wide range of topics including day to day work and leisure activities, visits to Spain, as well as the politics of each our countries. In group conversation classes she encouraged everyone to speak and periodically gave careful individual feedback, without interrupting the flow of conversation providing a constructive and enjoyable learning experience for each participant.

David Holland, 72. Harringay

I have really enjoyed my first Spanish course. Yaiza is very welcoming and friendly. The topics covered are very useful for when I visit Spain soon. Explanations on the grammar are helpful -I find this difficult.

Emma Rigby, 50’s. Harringay

Yaiza is great. She goes slowly and checks your understanding without embarrassing you or putting you under pressure. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone as a complete beginner. Thank you!

Andrew Porter, 50’s, Harringay

I thoroughly enjoyed Yaiza’s Spanish course. She is a great teacher who is patient and clear in her teaching style. I found the workbooks super helpful and allowed me to revisit what we had learned very easily. Being able to have the opportunity to speak with others during the class really improved my confidence and speaking abilities. Thanks for a great introduction to Spanish!

Lisa Price, 31. Harringay, Green Lanes

I really enjoyed the beginner’s course. I though it very well planned, sensibly set out and its level of difficulty was spot on. Yaiza's approach is methodical and well paced such that I felt I learned just about the right amount at each lesson and was able to find time to review and revise it during the week between lessons. The homework that Yaiza set was also the right amount without it becoming a burden or a chore and it kept me motivated between lessons.

Henry Busiakiewicz, 60’s. Harringey, Green Lanes

I really enjoyed the course! Loved the handouts each week –very very helpful – I will return to them again and again. I just need to book my flight to Spain and I will be re-motivated! There’s a great deal to take in each week –This can feel a little overwhelming at times but on the plus side we covered a lot of grammar. I would definitely recommend to others and would like to continue learning with Yaiza. Excellent value for money. Thank you!

Ruth Smith, 40’s. Harringay.

The classes were very friendly, but I still learnt more useful Spanish than I have in the last 20 years. I have tried lots of Spanish classes, but this was definitely the most useful and enjoyable. I feel much more confident going to Spain next week. I will practice what I have learnt there.

Phil Chinn, 60’s. Harringay

First of all, it has been so much fun. I enjoyed a lot. As time is short to learn all the useful words for examples, it’s needed a bit study for later. But Yaiza sends us emails, correct our homework and explain our question, they are all helpful.

Hande Enginsoy, 30’s. Crouch End

Very relaxed course. Nice people! Yaiza explains well. The books are useful.

Kevin Gillespie